Assumptions About Success

Defining “success” in preventing or managing obesity is usually based on a measure of weight (kg), BMI (kg/m2, z-score, percentile), and/or body fatness/composition. Continue reading


Team ABC3 – Annual General Meeting #2

Last week, we held our 2nd AGM in Toronto for our CIHR Team Grant in Bariatric CareTeam ABC3. It was a great opportunity to share progress on our research, provide a venue for our junior team members to present their research, network with colleagues from across the country, and learn about the complementary research led by Dr. Suzanne Tough (UCalgary) from our Scientific Advisory Board. Continue reading

Science Needs Great Writers!

The most effective and impactful scientists are not just good at what they do; they’re also good at communicating what they do, both verbally and in writing. The more public aspect of communication includes oral presentations and seminars at conferences or in class rooms. These activities can inspire or discourage depending on the skill and talent (or lack thereof) of the speaker. Continue reading

Facts vs Myths – Why We Cling To Our Beliefs

A number of articles in the popular press (as well as academic journals) have reported consistently that vaccines do not cause autism. While this myth is one of the most common making the rounds currently, the fields of nutrition, fitness, and weight management are jam-packed full of myths that are debunked when scrutinized.

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