First of Many

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We Are The 1%

Well, not really, but it feels that way sometimes when applying for research funding since the competition is so tough. But this time around…success!

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CONversation Cards – Award winning research…AGAIN!


Each year, clinicians, educators, and researchers from the Department of Pediatrics (UAlberta) are acknowledged for their contributions in these areas. We learned late last week that the work we did to develop and test our CONversation Cards was viewed very favorably within the Department and merited our selection for the 2013/14 Innovation Award.

Thanks again to everyone for helping to develop, test, and use the cards!


CONversation Cards – Award winning research!

We learned this week that our paper to develop and pilot test CONversation Cards (a clinical tool designed to enhance communication and collaboration between families and clinicians with regards to weight management) was chosen by the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior as the Best GEM (Great Educational Material) Paper of 2013! Thanks to all of you who helped to develop and evaluate the cards AND to those who use them in practice with our families.