New Publication – Home Sweet Home

We offer a number of weight management services for families at the PCWH since we know that a one-size-fits-all won’t meet the varied preferences and needs of our families.  Continue reading


New Publication – What Makes it Easier or Harder for Teens to Have Healthy Lifestyles?

Teens tend to have a tougher time making and maintaining healthy lifestyle changes compared to children.  Continue reading

Learning with Families – The Value of Patient-Oriented Research

Historically, clinical researchers conducted their research “on subjects” rather than “with participants”. Beyond terminology, this difference reflects a philosophical shift and evolution in how clinical research is conceptualized, planned, and conducted.  Continue reading

Making an Impact!

At this time of year, academic journals receive new, updated information about their Impact Factor (IF). which is used as a proxy marker of a journal’s prestige. Although this metric has been criticized …often… in general, the higher the IF, the more prestigious the journal. When information about a new IF is positive (has increased), this usually leads journals to circulate promotional emails or purchase online ads to tout the journals’ success and prominence. This was recently the case for Paediatrics and Child Health, the official journal of the Canadian Paediatric Society.

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